What We Do


Learn More About Our Digital Marketing & Analytics Services.

Cyclitics is a data-driven digital marketing and analytics agency. We have a wide range of services, including web analytics, Pay Per Click, Mobile app analytics, SEO, Social listening, Social Media Marketing and much more. Contact us to get started on a new exciting project.


Digital Analytics

From data gathering to its management and from data analysis to actionable insights, we do it all. We have expertise in using both the enterprise digital analytics tools like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Python & R and also niche products like Mixpanel & Optimizely etc.

Digital Marketing

We have a unique combination of creative and analytical skills which makes us a force to reckon with in digital marketing. We are certified in Adwords, SEO and Social Media marketing strategies from reputed institutions like Google and LinkedIn. Our core principle in digital marketing is: Test, Learn, Improve, Repeat.